Shropshire’s First CIPD Well-being Event & Exhibition – 10th October 2018

With changes in employment legislation and court decisions that have been made over recent years, it is clear that managing ill-health in the workplace can be extremely time-consuming and costly for employers, particular those running smaller business where the impact of absence, and the allocation of resources to manage it, can be much greater.  Added to this, employees are generally more aware of their legal rights and the obligations on their employers, resulting in managers and business owners failing to address health or well-being concerns promptly, for fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

As well as managing absence effectively when it occurs, there are many simple things that an employer can do to improve well-being at work, and ultimately reduce absenteeism before it happens.  There are other mutual benefits in doing so too, such as a healthier, more motivated and valued workforce, increased job-performance and improved staff retention.

On 10th October 2018, the CIPD are holding an event at Shrewsbury Town Football Club that focuses solely on well-being in the workplace, with guest speakers, access to themed workshops and an opportunity for business networking.

From our experience of managing sickness and injury in the workplace, there is much that can be gained from taking even small steps towards a proactive and positive approach to well-being.  At a cost of just £15.00 for CIPD members and £30.00 for non-members, this could be a great event for those of our clients that may be interested in understanding how to start, or continue good practice in this area.

Please refer to the link below for further information or to book your place at this event.

CIPD Flyer – Well-being Event – 10th October 2018

Should you require Consultant support or advice in relation to your business or a specific workplace issue, or be looking for a practical workshop in this subject area, tailored to your organisation, please do contact our team at Triangle HR.


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